Free Valentine’s Day Fonts

Looking for free fonts for Valentine's Day? We've got you! The Month of Love is here and that means Valentine's Day cards, I Love You notes, and hearts galore. Here are four of our favorite swirling, twirling, sweet fonts for the season.

Free Valentine Font #1: Licorice

Sweet while not being over-the-top, the script font is easy enough to read that it can be used for slightly longer passages of text, like a short note.


"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt."

—Charles M. Schulz

Free Valentine Font #2: Ole

Go all-in on Valentine's Day with this whimsical, swirling typeface. The extra details on the i's and y's are like sprinkles on top of this festive font.


"Loved you yesterday, love your still, always have, always will."

—Elaine Davis

Free Valentine Font #3: Butterfly Kids

Add some nostalgia to the short phrases you find on those chalky little conversation hearts with this font that's sure to remind you of the sweet parts of grade school.


Be Mine.   Hug Me.   Miss You.

—Classic V-Day phrases brought to you by conversation hearts <3

Free Valentine Font #4: Clicker Script

Light and a little retro, this slightly bouncy script truly sings, and lends a happy go lucky flavor to any design.


Love is friendship that has caught fire.

—Ann Landers

Happy Month Of Love!

Hope these help you spread some love (and maybe some sugar) this month.

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