Free Summer Fonts

Free summer fonts are perfect for this time of year! Even though the days are getting a little shorter and the weather isn't quite as scorching hot, we've still got some summertime remaining before the official start of fall in September. That means we're still hanging onto summer feels, and these outdoorsy fonts are perfect for all your graphic design and typography needs!

Free summer fonts, for when you just want to lie on the beach and eat hot dogs.

Free Summer Font #1: Cabin Sketch

With a name like Cabin Sketch, you really can't go wrong when it comes to summer fonts. Available in two weight options, this font really shines in all-caps bold so you can really see the details!



The regular-weight, proper-case version of Cabin Sketch (also available free from Google Fonts) is great for short sentences.

Free Summer Font #2: Merienda

'Merienda' is a Spanish term for "afternoon snack", and nothing feels like summer more than a poolside treat during the pleasant time of a hot afternoon.


Meet us at the pool this afternoon!

For a simpler font with a similar feel, Merienda pairs well with Edu TAS Beginner, also available free from Google Fonts.

Free Summer Font #3: Caesar Dressing

While it might have been designed for carving into marble, can't you just see this carved into a giant slab of rough pine as the archway over a camp entrance?!



Caesar Dressing font pairs well with a simple and clean typeface like Montserrat, also available free from Google Fonts.

Free Summer Font #4: Amatic SC

This font conjures up clubhouse-in-the-woods vibes, or maybe a camping/adventure birthday party.


Clubhouse - All Friends Welcome

Amatic SC font is also available in a lighter weight, and both versions are available free from Google Fonts!

Soak it up ☀️

Enjoy every last minute of the season with these outdoorsy fonts that are fun for late summer & early fall.

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