Marketing TO the Competition – October Newsletter

Do you make a habit of watching your competition? 👋🧐

Watching your competition to see what they're doing in your space is not a novel idea. But how about watching your competition to see what they're not doing? And what can you learn from what you don't see?

Several things.

First, by getting a better sense of what the competition isn't doing, you can better differentiate your services or products when speaking to prospective clients and highlight that missing thing that you ARE doing.

Second, it's sometimes easier to see a gap in services when looking at a different business, than when looking at your own. If you look at a competitor and think, "Why aren't they doing this or that?" you can ask the same question of yourself!

And third, you can evaluate the amount of actual competition between your so-called competitor. It may be that the overlap is very minimal, creating an opportunity to market what YOU do, to THEM! What better source of referrals than a business that already operates in your space?

This last idea comes from this month's interview with Brett Curtis. Brett runs Mountain Dream IT and is pretty much the polar opposite of every tech stereotype: personable, adventurous, extroverted, and focused on putting people first.



Procrastination: It’s the Age not the Size of the Monster

A different perspective into why we procrastinate—it's not always because the task is large or unpleasant, but how long we've been putting it off & why. Plus, how to get out of this habit.

Finally a marketing calendar that’s actually helpful (and free!)

Understand consumer buying patterns so you can create your marketing with strategy based in psychology, reason, and historical data. No more guessing! Get a plan for exactly what you need to be focusing on.


Free Halloween fonts are a great way to add a little something extra to party invites, social posts, or holiday cards. Perfect for all your festive graphic design and typography needs!

Wilderness survival; business survival

I've been watching the survival show Alone and these are the survival lessons I've learned that started in the wilderness but translate to business, too.

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