Free New Year Fonts

When you're looking for the right typeface to celebrate the new year, get organized, and kick off those goals! These free typefaces are great for creating custom planner pages, beautifying your new year to-do lists, and designing HNY graphics.

Fonts to start the year off right!

Free New Year Font #1: Codystar

Tell me this doesn't conjure up fireworks, glitter and confetti...?! 🎉 Perfect for bold headlines and short sections of text, the Codystar bubbly typeface is ready to celebrate with you.


Happy New Year!

Codystar font pairs well with a clean and simple thin typeface like Raleway [thin], also available free from Google Fonts.

Download New Year Font #2: Josefin Sans

Available in 14 different styles, we like the Thin 100 weight for all things goals, resolutions, and getting organized in the new year. Clean and simple, this one can be used for headlines, subheadings, captions, and even longer passages of text.


3 Things I'm Doing to Make This My Year:

1. Making lists. 2. Getting organized. 3. Pairing Josefin Sans Thin headlines with Josefin Sans Normal weight body text, also available free from Google Fonts.

Free New Year Font #3: Raleway Dots

Looking for a midway point between Codystar and Josefin Sans? Enter Raleway Dots. With smaller dots that are closer together and glyphs available in both lower and upper case, this hybrid typeface works well for headlines as well as short passages of text.


What We're Excited About This Year

Pair Raleway Dots with it's solid companion, Raleway, also available free from Google Fonts, for a supporting typeface that doesn't detract.

Happy New Year

Wishing you the best with your plans and dreams for the coming year. Onward with those new year goals!

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