Free Halloween Fonts

Free Halloween fonts are a great way to add a little something extra to party invites, social posts, or holiday cards. These spooky fonts are perfect for all your festive graphic design and typography needs!

Oh, are these free Halloween fonts too spooky?

Free Halloween Font #1: Nosifer

Nothing says spooky quite like this bold, blocky, dripping-with-something typeface designed by Typomondo. The all-caps font is perfect for a creepy headline.


All Hallows' Eve

Nosifer font pairs well with Roboto Slab, also available free from Google Fonts.

Free Halloween Font #2: Bigelow Rules

This witchy, irregular typeface works well for short sentences like the when & where of an invite. Designed by Astigmatic, the mixed-case font is playful and just a little sinister.


Grab your broom (& don't forget a cauldron)

Bigelow Rules font pairs well with the condensed font Oswald, also available free from Google Fonts.

Free Halloween Font #3: Lacquer

Just imperfect enough to look like handwriting scrawled in Sharpie, Lacquer screams "true crime" and would be great for highlighting short quotes, headlines, or maybe a murder mystery invite. Designers Niki Polyocan and Eli Block made capitalized letters contain more drips, so sprinkling capital letters in your words with this font adds a little touch of crazy.


Stay Out or You'lL ReGret IT.

Lacquer font pairs well with a simple and clean typeface like Montserrat, also available free from Google Fonts.

Free Halloween Font #4: Fruktur

This font conjures up Frankenstein vibes and would be great for food & drink tags at a Halloween party. Designed by Viktoriya Grabowska, this font looks a little retro and playful and could easily be used outside of October.


Sour Frankenstein Cocktails

Fruktur font pairs well with a medium or bold face font like Noto Sans, also available free from Google Fonts.

Happy Haunting!

Hope these fonts bring some fun to your spooky projects this Halloween!

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