Free Thanksgiving Fonts

November is all about expressing gratitude and remembering what we're thankful for. These free Thanksgiving fonts add a dash of gratitude to your social graphics and emails, landing pages, staff appreciation, and event invites. Script-style, handwriting-esque fonts are a great way to express gratitude through typography, but keep in mind that some handwriting fonts make it difficult to skim longer passages of text, so these free Thanksgiving fonts are best for headlines and short sentences.

Free Thanksgiving Fonts: Handwriting "thank you" calligraphy writing

Free Thanksgiving Font #1: Birthstone Bounce

Birthstone Bounce is the more playful sibling of Birthstone, also available on Google Fonts. Birthstone keeps a more regular, flat rule along the bottom edge of the typography, where Birthstone Bounce's individual letters "bounce" up and down off the bottom edge, giving it more of a handwritten effect.


Thank you for everything you do!

Birthstone Bounce pairs well with Montserrat Light, also available free from Google Fonts.

Free Thanksgiving Font #2: WindSong

Even more elegant and intricate, WindSong is an elongated script perfect for short lengths of text that are a little more formal.


You are invited to join us

WindSong's elegant script pairs well with a simple serif like IM Fell Double Pica, also available free from Google Fonts.

Free Thanksgiving Font #3: Style Script

Style Script has a fun, handwritten feel but is clean and regular enough to maintain readability for slightly longer passages of text. Rather than the italic slant that many handwriting fonts incorporate, this upright script can look semi-casual to semi-formal, depending on context.


Join us Thursday, November 25 for Friendsgiving!

Style Script font pairs well with a medium-weight, simple typeface like Roboto Medium 500, also available free from Google Fonts.

Give Thanks 🧡

Nothing says "thank you" quite like a handwritten note, so don't be afraid to break out the markers and do a little free-form lettering yourself!

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