Business Cards

On the fence about business cards? I’ve got three reasons why they’re still relevant in the age of social media, LinkedIn and smart phones.

Reason #1

They show that you planned ahead for the appointment, conference, or interaction. While there are lots of apps and digital methods to exchange information, business cards show that you took the time to consider follow-up and that you care about sharing your information in an accurate and efficient way. It’s far more professional than taking a photo of someone’s conference badge or, God forbid, asking them to type their info into your phone. Have you noticed that your phone screen looks 100% dirtier and more smudged when someone else is holding it!? Not a great first impression.

Reason #2

Whether to add a coupon code, make a note, or jot down an appointment reminder, you can easily add a little extra information to your cards if a situation calls for it. If you think you’ll often need to add information on your cards, consider leaving the back blank. Just make sure your critical information – like name, email address, and phone number – is included on every card in a clear, easy-to-read font.⁣

Reason #3

It’s easy to add a note or contact into your phone and forget it forever. How often do you scan through your contacts list to find a lawn care specialist, hairdresser, or consultant? Probably never. When you hand out your business card, you’re giving someone a physical reminder of your interaction that will stick with them.⁣


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