Your message might be about a product, a service, or your organization’s mission – whatever it is, designing the experience in the way that best supports your goals is my passion.

Marketing IconMarketing
My approach is honest and simple: partner with a great product or useful service (that’s you!) and create campaigns to deliver new potential customers to your product. This requires learning about your existing customer and identifying new audiences to grow your reach. All campaigns are tailored to suit the goals of your organization and your specific customer base. Learn more »

Copywriting iconCopywriting
As a business, explaining your product in a way that makes people buy, or even care, can be a challenge. Your job, after all, is to create your high-quality product in a way that satisfies your customers, leading to word of mouth recommendations and repeat purchases. My job is to help you explain that great product, service, or event in a way that drives sales. Learn more »

Art Design IconDesign
With a lifelong study of art, an educational background in textiles, and a career in digital marketing and logo design, I’ve done a little of everything. If you’re in need of an email layout, creative for a campaign or a logo, I can help. Learn more »

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Caitlin at Briar Rose Consulting