Coffee Logo for Snowy Elk

Snowy Elk Coffee Co. Logo Design


Snowy Elk Coffee Co. had a simple logo when they started their business. After getting more established, they were ready for a more personalized, custom logo.

I worked together with the owners to understand their vision for their company. The coffee logo design incorporates visuals that captured their brand's mountain adventure spirit.

The Snowy Elk custom logo laid the foundation for the brand design. We've worked together on coffee package design, emblems for different coffee roasts, specialty packaging, merchandise, and more.

We have been thoroughly impressed with Caitlin’s work. She takes the time to understand not only what’s needed for our brand, but what’s desired. She was able to take our goals and ideas, and create beautiful designs that far exceeded our expectations! She was also able to accommodate our sometimes last-minute meeting requests and is very responsive to emails and phone calls. We love her work and are excited to continue business with her.

—Scott & Julie Gondzar, Snowy Elk Coffee Co.

Snowy Elk Coffee Co Logo Design
Snowy Elk Coffee logo mockup
Snowy Elk Coffee logo mockup
Snowy Elk Coffee logo on mugs
Snowy Elk Package Design Thumbnail
Snowy Elk Coffee Roast Emblems
Snowy Elk Coffee Logo on Special Edition Roast Bags

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