Things We Learned Along The Way

The entrepreneur interview series featuring business owners, dreamers, do-ers, and experts from diverse industries diving into their daily routines, internal processes, keys to success, and unique perspectives.

Here at Briar Rose, we like to remind clients that there's no such thing as a 1-size-fits-all email marketing strategy. A good email program is one that actually works for your business, achieving your specific goals for email-driven engagement and sales. One of the key aspects is listening: listening to your subscribers by analyzing current and past performance, and listening to industry trends and best practices to make sure your emails make sense in the larger context of your subscribers' inboxes.

Similarly, there isn't a 1-size-fits-all approach to building a successful business. Every organization experiences different challenges and wins; every founder is born with different talents, develops different areas of expertise, and works to overcome different weaknesses. But the one trait they all have in common is a desire to succeed. These interviews showcase the unique perspectives, innate capabilities, hard-won skills, and other Things We Learned Along The Way.

Gabe Conover, Photographer and Owner of Gud Times Studio



Gabe is a photographer and studio owner who fully embraces his entrepreneurial side with action. "I don’t share my ideas unless I’m physically working on getting them out there. Because no one cares what you are GOING to do. They care about what you are doing."

Megan Lundstrom, co-founder of The Avery Center




Megan's do-it-herself personality combined with big-picture thinking and a thoughtful interview process is how she creates a dynamic team with each member playing to their strengths. Find out the 1 character question that's a must-ask in all her interviews.

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